Ringler Associates

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Settlement planning and structured settlements from Ringler help everybody win: injured people and their families, attorneys and insurance professionals.   Settlement Plans Deliver Security to You and Your Clients When everything is tallied up – tax-free earnings, guaranteed return, competitive rates – security is the single most important benefit of the structured settlements at the heart of every settlement plan from Ringler. Security for … Read More

Sage Settlement Consulting

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Millennium Settlements leads the way by offering the most comprehensive advisory services and innovative financial programs in the industry. As the country’s leading and fastest growing plaintiff-based structured settlement provider, Millennium Settlements recognizes that, whatever your client’s personal settlement needs require, every successful outcome begins with a comprehensive plan. Through our needs-based approach and extensive litigation support services, we design … Read More

Black Diamond Funding

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As a leading provider of litigation financing, Black Diamond Funding gives attorneys the freedom to pursue the best possible settlement, unhindered by a client’s financial challenges. By providing immediate liquidity and financial security during legal proceedings, our pre-settlement funding ensures that clients have the proper financial means to meet their immediate household needs, so their attorneys can continue to work … Read More

The Centers

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The Centers—which is compromised of The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, The Center for Lien Resolution, The Center for Medicare Set Aside Administration, The Center for Litigation Support and The Center for Settlement Consultants—is a nationally-recognized organization. We provide an extensive range of professional services specifically designed to meet the needs of law firms by streamlining the pre-suit and … Read More