pbcja Digital Marketing, Video Production, Website Design

NextLevel works with law firms to generate more leads, better quality cases and enhance their online brand for their referred clients. We do this across a variety of programs; Adaptive Web Design, SEO Consulting, Video Production, Social Media Ad campaigns, Google AdWords/PPC and much more.  We have a proven track record of success with an extensive list of clients who will testify … Read More

Black Diamond Funding

pbcja Pre Settlement Financing - Funding, Settlement Services

As a leading provider of litigation financing, Black Diamond Funding gives attorneys the freedom to pursue the best possible settlement, unhindered by a client’s financial challenges. By providing immediate liquidity and financial security during legal proceedings, our pre-settlement funding ensures that clients have the proper financial means to meet their immediate household needs, so their attorneys can continue to work … Read More

Visual Evidence

pbcja Graphics - Exhibits, Mediation - Trial Presentation, Print - Posters - Signs, Video Production

For 30 years Visual Evidence has been defining the standard for Litigation Presentation Support by combining innovative technologies and creativity with the strategy and experience necessary for maximum effectiveness. Often seen as “first responders” to problem solving, many of our solutions have been “firsts” in the industry. The intrinsic value of our service is the value it brings to your … Read More


pbcja Banking

IBERIABANK, formerly Sabadell United Bank, is part of a banking history that has provided banking and wealth management services to members of the legal profession since the original bank was founded in 1978. We are fortunate to have numerous law firms as customers, from the very largest to the sole practitioner. After 32 years of working to serve your personal … Read More